Special Couple Magnetic Heart Bracelets

$39.95 CAD

A unique piece of jewelry to make your relationship last

Magnetic pendant forming a sublime heart

A bracelet that keeps you connected to each other wherever you are . When you are together, the magnets will be attracted to each other.

A high quality handcrafted bracelet

Each bracelet is created in our workshops by certified artisans.
The extremely strong elastic bracelet easily fits your men's or women's grip.

Noble and durable materials

Our bracelets are made of tiger's eye stone, howlite and onyx.
These natural stones soothe your anxiety and improve your sense of responsibility.

Light and elegant

Do you want to please your relatives? With this bracelet you create an unforgettable memory! It brings style and elegance to your look and can be worn every day due to its lightness!

  • Materials: natural tiger's eye stone, onyx, howlite and reinforced elastic
  • Magnetic heart pendant in stainless steel
  • Dimensions: beads 8 mm, Bracelet 19 cm long