Super Comfortable Leather Sandals

$59.95 CAD

Designed by our professional footwear designers

These sandals are designed with the idea of making each person who wears them more comfortable. They are designed for people who want to walk normally again.

Move with ease today!

With these sandals, you don't need doctor visits or expensive insoles. Every step you take in the sandals is cushioned by the chunky, soft sole. The thick sole absorbs shock and supports the entire foot, not just the heel!

Why are these sandals so effective?

Cushioning - Super comfortable leather sandals provide complete foot cushioning for optimal comfort. The sole contains a special gel that absorbs shock better than any other sole.

More stability - The extra wide 3 cm sole under the heel provides stability and the carefully placed footbed ensures a perfect fit, comfort and better performance.

For wide and narrow feet - Sandals fit wide and narrow feet. They are also made of lightweight material so your feet can breathe!