Beautiful Edge™ Woodworking Tool With 7 Corner Styles With Backer

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Your wood projects should never have a boring edge! A plain edge is ugly and you can get splinters. And you shouldn't need expensive tools to make that edge...

This Beautiful Edge™ Woodworking Tool will shave an even, smooth chamfer shape on the edges of your wood projects. Get that professional edge without needing to be a pro to use it!

BeautifulEdge easily shaving a smooth, centered chamfer cut on a piece of wood


  • Professional touch that gives your project that winning touch

  • Beautify edges on wood pieces with designer shapes

  • Smooth, even, perfect cuts stabilized with the built-in V shape guide

  • Slices through any type of wood

  • Easy to use, even for beginners

  • Comfortable to hold and use with a shape that fits your hand

  • Prevent splinters and sharp edges on your final product

  • Easy to store when not in use due to its small size

  • Avoid expensive complicated alternatives

  • Zero maintenance with no moving parts or motors and a solid metal design


The first time I used this tool, I transformed an ordinary 2x4 scrap into an ornate looking block. I am amazed at how this corner reminds me of the professional furniture I have seen in old time wood furniture stores. I kept running my hand across the edge feeling impressed that this tiny planer tool worked so well for its simplicity and cost!

This really bridged the gap for me between my high school tech ed class to being proud of my work!

  • You can use this to spruce up all of your woodworking projects, such as:
  • Shelves
  • Stools
  • Tables
  • Furniture
  • and more!


  1. Install the blade you wish to use
  2. Adjust the blade to the proper depth
  3. Make a test cut on a spare piece of wood to verify the results before cutting on your project
  4. Press the tool firmly against the corner of the wood edge
  5. Slide the tool along the wood, maintaining the pressure as you go. Try to make one smooth cut and do not stop half-way
  6. Clean the edge if needed. You may need to go over the cut a second time to clean off any burrs, or use a file if your material has any knots or irregularities
  7. Handling harder materials. If you find the material is difficult to cut, first make a shallower cut before your final cut

BeautifulEdge tool being drawn across a long piece of lumber in a single smooth motion


To adjust the cutting depth of the blade:

Less cut:

With the cutting blade facing down, turn the knob clockwise (rightsy-tightsy) to pull the blade in

More cut:

    1. With the cutting blade facing down, turn the knob counter-clockwise (leftsy-loosey) to push the blade out

    2. Depth Markings: The blades contain depth markings that you can use to ensure you are using the same setting for multiple cuts

      Tip for big cuts or hard material: If you wish to cut a large amount of material away from the corner and the material is hard and difficult to cut in one step, make a shallow cut first then a second, deeper cut.


      To change the blade:

      1. Take the blade out by turning the adjustment knob to push the blade out
      2. Keep turning until you can remove the blade
      3. Put the new blade in. Hold onto the knob and insert the new blade
      4. Set the blade depth. Turn the adjustment knob to pull the new blade in


      How to clean the tool:

      1. Brush away scraps. The tool may only require that you brush out the wood scraps from around the blade
      2. Clean wood residue. If the wood left any residue on the blade, such as sap or other substance, clean as you would with a brush using rubbing alcohol, turpentine, or other goo-removing cleaner. Be sure to dry the blade
      3. Dislodge jammed scraps. If wood scraps are jammed in the tool, you can use the provide allen wrench to take the two halves of the tool apart and clean our the mechanism fully


      To protect the blades:

      • store in a dry environment
      • if you get the blades wet, dry them off and apply a small coating of oil (kitchen oil works well) as you would for any steel tool

      Examples of projects


      • Made of thickened anti-corrosive aluminum metal
      • Easy to adjust the depth of the cut with a knob
      • V shape guide perfectly centers the cut over a 90º edge
      • 7 different high-strength carbon steel blades including:
        • flat
        • 1/4” round
        • 3/16” round
        • 1/8” round
        • double round
        • double sharp point
        • double round/sharp point
      • A horizontal and verticals bubble level is included for additional utility
      • The depth of the cutting blade is controllable by hand
      • The size is 6” L x 1.9” H x 0.78” W
      • Available in Red or Black
      • Includes a backer that provides additional stability