E-Heater 2.0

$69.95 CAD $140 CAD

*1x eHeater 2.0 is suitable for heating 1 room of about 215 sq feet.

Are you also unable to pay the gas bill like millions of other Americans?

Can't afford the energy bill anymore? Can't heat your home with gas anymore? But can't heat your home with expensive electric heaters either? Then the eHeater 2.0 is your last resort!

The eHeater 2.0 is a portable electric heater that heats you and your family during daily activities. You no longer have to worry about being cold while sleeping, showering, working, eating or watching TV.

The last resort to stay warm through the day

Whether you are taking a shower, having a nice dinner or just coming home to watch TV the eHeater 2.0 will keep you warm! Plug the eHeater 2.0 into an outlet 54 sq feet to 108 sq feet away from you and enjoy the wonderful warmth this little wonder produces at a very cheap price!

Also ideal for while sleeping!

Besides keeping you nice and warm during your daily activities, the eHeater 2.0 is also ideal for while sleeping! The eHeater 2.0 can be used up to 12 hours a day. This ensures you a nice, warm and relaxed sleep for a very cheap price!

Save thousands of dollars this fall and winter!

With rising energy bills, heating your home with gas has become unaffordable! But with the eHeater 2.0, that's a thing of the past!

All the benefits

EASY TO USE | Our eHeater 2.0 fits into any electrical outlet and produces heat with ease.

2-TRAPS HEATING PROGRAM | It works with an ingenious "2-stage heating program" - quick heat or normal mode.

NICE AND WARM UP TO 89°F | The thermostat can be set from 59°F - 89°F and the eHeater 2.0 consumes less than 370 watts.