Elbow Support Rebound Abdominal Wheel

$79.95 AUD $160 AUD

Building muscle faster and easier is no longer a dream!

Upgraded ab roller will build your muscles more easily, and increase your core strength and stability in less time. Use this ab roller wheel to enjoy the burning of the belly and the sculpting of the muscles with pleasure! Quickly get a toned body!

SAY GOODBYE TO PAIN - Tired of back pain/neck pain/wrist pain during conventional exercises? Try the ab roller for an abs workout, as the ab roller with elbow supports and curved handles transfer stress from the arms and shoulders to the ab, and avoid back neck injuries. Then you can do high-efficient training and stretch with the ab machine as much as you like without worrying about causing any pain.

STRENGTHEN YOUR WHOLE BODY - The fantastic thing about this ab wheel roller is that the ab wheel will work on your total body fitness! This abs workout equipment takes planks to a whole new level. Add running, jumping, twisting, and more to the plank, with every muscle involved, from the toes to the arms to the neck, to gain more efficient movement and muscle workouts.

CORE TRAINER HITS THE ENTIRE ABS - Different from ordinary flat abs roller, widened 4-inch curved ab wheels make your left and right movements more flexible, and easy to turn, and lean. Use this core workout equipment to maximize the exercise of the abdominal and oblique muscles, and burn fat quickly, shape 6-pack abs, take your fitness training to the next level.

AB WORKOUT MORE COMFORTABLE - High-quality rubber exercise wheels are not only silent but not slip. Handles and elbows are padded with EVA foam, which not only absorbs sweat but is also comfortable to grip. With this ab roller machine, no noise, no hard thing can make hand/arm pain, fully immerse yourself in the exercise, only sweaty movement pleasure, and feel the happiness of muscle formation.