Emma Earrings (1 Pair)

$34.95 CAD

The offer of $34.95 is per set. So you get 2 earrings, 1 for each ear.

A beautiful 4 - 1 earring: the earrings are the perfect symbol of love and self-confidence. Wear the earrings as a little reminder to accept and love yourself, always!

Unique 4 - 1 design: handmade and timeless. Unique among earrings because it is 4 - 1.

Perfect Gift: The 4 - 1 earrings are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one to whom you want to give a beautiful and meaningful gift.

Wear the earring as long as you want without itching, staining or harmful reactions. Give these earrings as a gift today or wear them yourself knowing that they will sit comfortably all day, leave a positive impression and above all will offer happiness to you and your loved ones. The earring features happiness in yourself and around you!