Invisible Hair Extensions - Strong And Indestructible

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Achieve your gorgeous dream hair in an instant - a Fuller and bolder hairstyle!

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Do you always dream of having gorgeous long hair? Or do you want to make your hair look fuller? With Invisible Hair Extensions this dream finally becomes a reality! It can make your hair look longer, bolder, and fuller with a natural feel! Nobody’s going to know you’re wearing an extension!

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You ask yourself, of course, are they sturdy enough and will they stay put?

We have tested it for years and our Halo Hair Extensions stay in place well with sports, clubbing and other activities. So you are guaranteed beautiful long hair in any situation! 

The fiber used looks and feels like real human hair! The Invisible Hair Extensions are made of heat-friendly synthetic material with 7-11 shades. It will look natural and can literally blend with any hair color without being noticed.

Unlike the traditional hair clip extension, The Invisible Hair Extensions features an invisible wire that allows the extension to lie smooth and flat on the head, making it comfortable and secure. It would add length, volume, and oomph just by 'sitting' on top of your head, secured by a lightweight band!

Why customers LOVE the Invisible Hair Extensions:

✓ Natural looking - Dream hair just got real! Achieve fuller, longer, hair in seconds without any hassle. The Invisible Hair Extensions naturally blend in with your real hair. With its engineered components, it imitates the texture of real human hair!

✓ Zero Damage - Forget expensive treatments that will damage your hair, the Invisible Hair Extensions. Get the hair you've always wanted without damaging your real hair, your morning routine, or your wallet!

✓ Heat Resistant - The fiber used for the hair strands is proven heat resistant and can withstand thermal styling. We recommend staying between 275 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the best results.

✓ Effortless - Easy to use, manage, and upkeep. There are two simple ways to apply the Invisible Hair Extensions. No clips, no glue, no tape! This extension is lighter and more comfortable, and really easy to apply and remove in minutes.

✓ Lightweight - No more neck pain or heavy hair. Have a beautiful, long, and fuller hairstyle without experiencing any hassle of numbness from heavy hairstyles!

✓ Reusable - The Invisible Hair Extensions are easy to clean, store and reuse. Just simply take the extensions out, wash and let them dry to use them again! Please note that with proper care the hair extensions can last long.

How to wear the Invisible Hair Extensions

Method 1

  • Put the extensions to your hair and adjust the position.
  • Use a tool or the hand to pull out the top hair on both sides.

Method 2

  • Tie on or bun ⅓ of the top hair.
  • Put extensions to your hair and adjust the position.
  • Remove the tie or bun.