Ironing Ruler High Temperature Ruler (Heat-Resistant)

$39.95 AUD $80 AUD

Can’t figure out how to find the right measurement when sewing?

Instead of using uneven sewing guides…

Press and sew precise hems of any shape using the Hot Ruler! Designed with "evenly measured grid", this tool allows you to sew and iron hems with speed and accuracy. All you need to do is fold the cloth, measure it using this guide, and press hems. PLUS it’s made with a non-slip surface that keeps the cloth in place for comfortable operations. This tool is designed with evenly measured lines and marks that allow you to sew and press hems with speed and precision. No more guesswork for you!

Doesn’t require you to be a master sewer! Simply fold the cloth, align it to your desired angle, and press it with iron to sew hems in no time.

Made with your convenience in mind! This ruler has a non-slip surface that holds the cloth in place to prevent it from going anywhere and make things easier for you.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, this tool can withstand extreme temperatures — making it ideal for long iron heat exposure.

Suitable for various sewing and hemming tasks as you can use it with either dry or steam irons! Reduce your sewing time while still making precise hems! Add this Hot Ruler to your toolkit today!