Luxury Sink™ - Upgrade Your Sink

$39.95 AUD $80 AUD


The Luxury Tap™ can rotate 1080°. This allows you to easily bend it to your liking, allowing water to flow to any corner of the sink. Made from high-quality materials, the tap has a simple yet powerful mechanism that ensures easy water flow.

The Luxury Tap™ has two modes:

1. Tap mode: the water in this mode is rich in oxygen, and the water is soft and does not splash. Suitable for hand washing, facial cleansing, etc.

2. Shower mode: this mode has a fine water output, it is soft and comfortable, suitable for cleaning toothbrushes, water glasses, etc.

✔️ Multifunctional: fits any faucet
✔️ Water saving

Durable use: made of selected copper and thickened, anti-corrosion and anti-rust which ensures long service life.

Easy to install: only two simple steps to complete the installation, simple and quick.

Intelligent design: suitable for 99% of faucets. Filter elements composed of four layers remove impurities from the water. Double anti-drip seal.

Use in many scenarios: can be used in the kitchen to rinse fruits and vegetables, dishes, sinks, etc. Can also be used for daily washing in the bathroom, shampooing, towel washing, etc.