Multifunctional Sharp Pointed Scissors

$39.95 AUD $80 AUD


Various points & thick and sharp & silky cut.

It can cut through several layers of fabric and retains its sharpness for a long time. Leaves absolutely perfect cut and pattern.


āœ‚ Multifunction Scissors ā€“ A must have for your sewing kit. The sharp blades are sawtooth-shaped instead of straight, leaving a zigzag pattern when cutting. The sawtooth pattern can limit the length of frayed thread from unfinished fabric edges, minimizing damage. Please note that there is some oil in the blades to prevent rusting. Please wipe it clean before use.

āœ‚ Comfortable Grip ā€“ A perfect gift for your lover. The pinking shears handle is made of premium ABS and TPR material, soft and ergonomic. Also, the grip has been optimized with a slimmer and smoother body that feels good in your hands.

āœ‚ Effective cutting ā€“ No project is too big for these scissors! The serrated blades add that extra detail to projects, meaning theyā€™re perfect for quilting, dressmaking and hemming. They can also be used on fabric or paper as they provide a durable sharp edge that cuts to the point.

āœ‚ SHARP BLADE ā€“ Varying inch pinking shears feature razor-sharp stainless steel blades for easy and perfect decorative cutting. The durable blades ensure every cut is sharp and crisp, making these scissors ideal for any project or design.

āœ‚ Durable and Professional Scissors ā€“ Made of heavy duty high carbon industrial steel which is stronger and harder, long lasting and sharp, easy and effortless to use.