Oily Skin Treatment & Control Roller (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Eliminate the oiliness of the face without spending on expensive inefficient products!

Revive your self-esteem!

For many women, excess oil is a nightmare.

Although common, this regrettable process ruins the appearance , makes you look poorly cared for , dirty and leaves you completely insecure .

But believe me, having princess skin is easier than you might think!

Did you know that it is possible to eliminate gooey oiliness and reduce the appearance of acne without spending on expensive creams ?

Then meet the Roller for Treatment and Control of Oily Skin - BelaMax Roll® , the magic sphere that eliminates the shine of the skin leaving it 5x more beautiful and with a matte effect in seconds.

Oil free

Its German technology instantly absorbs all excess oil from the face, unclogging pores naturally, bringing a lasting Matte effect, ensuring dry skin in seconds.

Intact makeup

The volcanic stone removes all oil from the skin even when wearing makeup , reducing shine and sebum without smudging or staining, leaving it 100% intact and mattified, with a freshly made appearance.

Improves your self-esteem

With the Roller for Treatment and Control of Oily Skin you will never feel embarrassed to go out in public again! It immediately improves your appearance, leaving you even more beautiful and with vibrant skin, free from the appearance of dirt, goo and dilated pores.

Exclusive Natural and Hypoallergenic Dry-Oil technology

Its composition based on volcanic stones and minerals absorbs all the oiliness of the skin in seconds, eliminating toxins from the epidermis. In addition to promoting smooth cleaning and without any contraindication.

Oilless Roller - Skin Oil Remover - Oil Absorbent Stone

Reusable and washable

Developed to bring the best solution for your appearance and the environment! It can be reused and washed with soap and water without losing its efficiency, helping you save up to $500 yearly on cosmetics and skin care.

Why is an oil remover right for you?

✅ Removes, cleans and hydrates: Removes all oiliness from the face, cleans and hydrates leaving the skin clean and soft

✅ Economy: No more spending fortunes on multiple products, the remover is very effective and can be taken anywhere.

✅ 100% natural: It does not contain any chemicals, taking care only of the health of your face

No more being self-conscious about your skin! 


  • Absorbs excess oil, dirt and sweat.
  • Instant clean feeling.
  • Reusable stone.
  • Minimizes the appearance of open pores.
  • Renew makeup in any situation.
  • 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals.