Ruby Sliders™ - Chair Leg Floor Protectors (8 Pcs)

$29.95 AUD $60 AUD
"Ordered this based on an ad I saw on Pinterest. It's very sturdy material and doesn't scratch the floor or make any unpleasant noises when the chair is dragged around. Better than those stickers we stick on and it gets dirty and hairs stuck on." - Judith W., TX

No more annoying noises and scratched floors!

Beautiful Floor for Many More Years!

It allows furniture to glide across the floor more easily without scratching or making any noise, even though it's heavy , it will help protect any type of hardwood, laminate, ceramic and much more flooring.

Ruby Protector is ULTRAFLEXIBLE to adapt to any shape or size of chair up to 4 cm. Try them on round, skinny, or square legs, you'll love the universal fit.

Built to last for years. Ultra-strong 3-layer nano-weave technology material with industrial adhesive ensures your perfect floors for years to come.

  • Prevents scratches and protects floors
  • Fits square and round feet
  • slides easily
  • Made of nanowoven silicone