Shank Firewood Drill Bit - Works With Any Drill!

$59.95 AUD $120 AUD


  • Effortlessly & quickly split wood
  • Get wood logs with ease
  • Save time and effort

Firewood Drill Bit

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER: Save yourself from backaches and muscle spasm, while cutting wood twice as fast. The New Firewood Drill Bit is a safer and more efficient way to chop wood!

NEW DESIGN: The Firewood Drill Bit adopts a new U-shaped non-slip thread design, the deeper the thread of the drill bit, the more labor-saving the chopping, making the work feel comfortable. Its design also provides a high-level precision by weakening the logs at multiple angles.

SAVE TIME & EFFORT: The Firewood Drill Bit takes no time, effort, or skill to precisely split wood thanks to its pointed head design and non-slip groove; which avoids slippage and improve efficiency. Use your time wisely & get more done!

WIDELY APPLICABLE: This versatile wood splitter hand tool works great for splitting oak, hickory, walnut, sycamore and so much more. This tool can be easily used at home, outdoors, camping, or on the farm.

EASY TO USE: Just install the drill bit into the power drill, and drill any kind of wood. You just need this bit!

ANTI-SLIP GROOVE: The anti-slip groove design can effectively avoid slipping and improve efficiency.

THREE HANDLES INCLUDED: This set includes three different handles: Round + square + hexagon handle. This set will meet your needs and provide convenience no matter what drill you decide to use.

HIGH QUALITY: Made of high-quality high carbon steel, this tool is exceptionally strong, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and not easy to break. Hardening procedures makes it more resistant and allows a longer service life. The sharp head helps to open the wood faster and easier.


Material: High carbon steel
Product Diameter: 1.25" (32mm) or 1.65" (42mm)