Silk Skin Hair Remover™

$39.95 AUD $80 AUD

Painless hair removal without stubble, irritation and cuts!

Getting rid of hair has never been faster or easier. The Silk skin hair remover™ is designed to make women (and men) feel sexy and clean. But of course, men can do this too!

Most traditional hair removal methods rely on the razor, but the Silk skin hair remover™ uses precision micro-vibration technology to gently remove desired hair from the surface of the skin.

All the benefits

✔️ Clean & pain-free: It is very easy to remove hair from the skin with the Silk skin hair remover™. Your skin remains very soft after hair removal and hair removal is also painless.

✔️ Safe & gentle: Silk skin hair remover™ is very comfortable to use. The laser feels very soft, making shaving very comfortable. The hairs are painlessly removed from the skin.

✔️ Suitable for the whole body: Silk skin hair remover™ can be used anywhere. So you can easily take your laser device with you on vacation. Can be used all over the body, on the face, arms and legs and even on the bikini line and armpits.


1 x cleaning brush
1 x USB charging cable
1 x user manual
1 x Silk skin hair remover™