Soft Silicone Toilet Brush

$39.95 AUD $80 AUD

The brush that perfectly cleans your toilet!

Tired of classic brushes that seem more dirty than clean after a few uses?

BRUSH is the solution to perfectly clean your toilets! The flat head and silicone nubs thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your toilet. Plus, the silicone nubs won't trap dirt and dry in seconds. No more unpleasant odors, water stagnating in the base and dirt accumulating on your brush.

Silicone bristles are 10x more hygienic than a conventional brush!

The silicone brush is the most hygienic

Silicone bristles are less welcoming to dirt than synthetic bristles. Shorter and spaced out, the silicone bristles do not drag anything into the brush holder unlike traditional synthetic brushes. Less porous than synthetic, silicone also offers a much shorter drying time. Less dirt, faster to dry, less chance left for bacteria to grow.

When your toilet brush becomes a decorative element

BRUSH is not only hygienic, it is also very aesthetic . It has a nice base to stick to the wall using a small adhesive patch provided in the package. It will fit perfectly into your toilet and replace your old brush.