The Free Belt™ - Unisex Adjustable No-Buckle Belt

$29.95 AUD $60 AUD

Never hassle with your belt again. No bulge, no hassle.


"I am a receiver of hvac products which are heavy. I am constantly bending up and down picking up these heavy boxes. I am constantly pulling up my pants even though I have a belt on. Wore these today for the first time. This is ridiculous but my day was so good. It is super comfortable and you don't have to worry about that annoying buckle. I love this belt."

-Rebeca G.

We created the No-Buckle Belts to assure that no matter who you are and what style outfit you choose to wear, it will always be easy, comfortable, and fit properly.

  • The elastic band breathes with you: You won’t have to readjust it, even after a big meal, Plus no buckle cutting into you when you sit down.

  • It frees your belly so you can always breathe comfortably. And if you’re allergic, no buckle rash!

  • Take care of your shirts: No more little holes at the bottom of your shirts caused by your regular belts buckles.

  • Forget about belts with holes that fit too tight or too loose! Now you can decide exactly how tight or lose you want it to be!

Just snap on once and forget you're wearing a belt, all day.

Better yet, leave them on your go-to pairs of pants, and don't even think about putting on belts - speed up your morning routines!

Make your days stress-free with this convenient new belt. You'll never have to fuss with the buckle again!