The Indestructible Trimmer (For Weeds, Grass And Moss)

$59.95 CAD $120 CAD

Remove weeds, grass and moss in no time!

✅ 100 times more powerful than a normal trimmer

✅ For removing weeds, grass, moss and all other dirt

✅ Lasts for years without having to replace anything

✅ Fits your existing trimmer (universal)

The Indestructible Trimmer™ resists weeds, grass, moss and even dirt on concrete, soft ground, woody and grassy areas of your yard.

Your driveway, garden and paths will never look better!

No more broken appliances or broken wires that you have to replace every 10 minutes.

It is so annoying when your thread breaks and you have to stop what you are doing every 10 minutes to fix it again. It's frustrating and doubles the time it takes you to get your work done. With The Indestructible Trimmer™, you never have to stop what you're doing and get your job done in a fraction of the time.

The great benefit of this is not only that you'll get your work done better and faster, with far fewer headaches and frustration. But you will also save money by not having to replace your trimmer head for years to come!

360° unique design

This trimmer head is made of twisted steel wires with 36 brush blades. It is specially designed for both simple quick jobs, and heavy-duty jobs that require turbo power injection. No job is too big or too difficult for The Indestructible Trimmer™.

How to assemble

Assembly is quick and easy. It replaces your current trimmer head and lasts for years. That means less money spent and a cleaner, weed- and dirt-free garden.

Note: This is for demonstration purposes only, and your trimmer may be attached differently.

Does not cause damage

The Indestructible Trimmer™ head is suitable for weeds but is gentle on delicate areas. This means you never have to worry about damage or wear, wherever you use your trimmer.