Transforming Dinosaur Led Car

$59.95 AUD $120 AUD

Put a smile on your child's face with this dinosaur car!

Look no further! The Transforming Dinosaur LED Car is here to put a big smile on every child’s face. Meet the latest and coolest transforming dino car in town...

It's a dinosaur and a transformer car in one!

Dino-loving kiddos will love this incredible toy car.

The perfect gift for everyone who loves dinosaurs

Dinosaurs may be extinct but just the thought of them exudes a powerful vibe. This is why dino figures and toys always attract kids and adults alike. That being said, the might of the great dino has maintained its popular status for many years now.

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It moves, it roars, it lights up and it transforms!

Make your child the coolest kid in town with an incredibly fun toy that will keep them busy. They’ll never want to let it go! Every good kid deserves one. Don’t let them miss this out!


Automatically transforms into a dinosaur with roaring sound effects and coolest lights.

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