Women Walking Shoes Air Cushion Slip-On Shoes

$59.95 AUD $120 AUD

Elevate Your Walking Experience!

Reduces Pain: 

Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by flat feet, poor posture, or plantar fasciitis. AirLift™ provides the support your feet deserve, ensuring every step is a pleasure.

Posture Correction: 

Bid farewell to hip misalignments and muscle imbalances. BounceEase™ gently corrects kick knees and straightens your hips, promoting better overall posture.

Enhanced Stability: 

Slip into BounceEase™ and feel the difference. Its lightweight yet sturdy wedge design offers unparalleled stability, allowing you to walk confidently and stand for hours without strain or imbalance.

Product Specification:

  • Sole:  Shock absorption.
  • Fabric: Breathable.
  • Toe: Easy wear.
  • Design: Lightweight.
  • Style: Sleek and stylish.